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Air Race Classic Competition 2019

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We finished!!

June 24, 2019

After the 1900+ mile race (see our Facebook team page for full updates), we finished the race on Friday! Last night was the awards banquet, and we received a leg prize for 4th place on leg #2 of the race! We placed 20th of 49 teams (43 which were competing teams), and we’re excited about racing again next year! 

Today, we flew from Welland, Ontario through Erie, Pennsylvania and stopped for the night at Lafayette, Indiana. We plan to fly the rest of the way home to Longview tomorrow. 

Thank you so much to all our wonderful supporters! We learned so much and made wonderful friends and memories while improving our flight skills along the way. 

Team member update

June 14, 2019

Important team update:  Today, we completed credentialing and inspections! Thanks to our wonderful maintenance team and our coach, Claire Cassel, this process went extremely well! We also want to share an update to our race team roster. Unfortunately, co-pilot Cecilia Kim’s passport was returned without the required Canadian visa.  Our team will continue the race as planned with members Erica Swenson and Laura Laster as team pilots. See our Facebook page for a video of Erica departing to re-fly the handicap flight. Now we’re all set to race starting Tuesday. Thanks for your support and prayers. We are sad about Cecilia not being able to race this year, but she plans to race next year.

Departure day!

June 13, 2019

We plan to depart bright and early this morning, heading from Longview, TX to Jackson TN. We will be in Jackson through the start of the race, which is scheduled to start on June 18. 

Once the race starts, here are a couple of helpful links for tracking our progress:


Handicap flight complete!

May 23, 2019

Handicap flight update: weather cleared right as we neared Vernon, TX, and Erica successfully completed the handicap flight with the judge and with Laura in the back seat. We received word last night that the flight was accepted by the judges, so now we’re good to race!! Our assigned handicap speed is not as slow as we’d hoped, but we haven’t flown this plane before with this crew combo, so we’re hoping it stays a “speed demon” for the real race! Weather cooperated beautifully as did the airplane, and we all had a great time.

We've had lots of questions about how the race works and how the race is fair since other teams enter airplanes that are faster then our Skyhawk (like Bonanzas, Mooneys, and Cirrus). Here's a very quick summary! Each team flies a handicap flight to establish a baseline speed at a predetermined altitude with the airplane at maximum power with an onboard GPS tracker.  During the race, we try to beat OUR "handicap speed" by using favorable winds, good flight planning, etc. The team that beats their own handicap speed over the whole race wins the race. There are also pitfalls we seek to avoid such as penalties for various mistakes (wrong altitude on a flyby, being absent from a briefing, etc).  When we approach each airport, we will fly a timing line at fairly low altitude (200 feet above airport) and then slow down to land. So there is not a rush to land quickly to beat your time through landing, which would be unsafe and promote teams cutting each other off, which would also be unladylike!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support! Race activities start on June 15!


100%!! You did it!

March 27, 2019

We're so excited to share that we are now over 100% funded! Any additional money raised will continue to go to support racing efforts in 2020 and beyond! 

Thank you so much to all our many supporters!

Erica, Cecilia, Claire, and Laura

Almost 90%!!!

March 20, 2019

WOW! We are almost at 90% funded!

We are so humbled by the generosity of friends, family, and LETU Alumni! Thank you so much for your contributions. We're almost at 90% of our crowdfunding campaign! We could never have done this without all of you!

T-shirt Fundraiser is LIVE!

March 06, 2019

Hey everyone! If you'd like to support our team through this year's t-shirt fundraiser, head on over to this page to check out our shirt offerings. We have two colors, heather gray and blue, and we offer youth sizing in the blue shirts as well! Our goal is 150 shirts, so share the link on Facebook and keep the momentum going!

Race numbers arrival

March 04, 2019

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor who pledged at the Nifty Numbers giving level, we have received our race numbers! We are excited to be number 9 as having a top 10 slot gives us competitive advantage. It allows us to use more daylight in the first day of the race, and since we have a finite number of days to finish the race AND are required to race during daylight hours only, more daylight is always a good thing!

Here's a photo to thank our special anonymous donor and to show you all how good number 9 is going to look on our airplane!

Watch for our t-shirt fundraiser coming soon. We will share details on this page in the next few days once it is completely set up and open for orders!

Thank you notes going out

February 25, 2019

Thank you to our amazing team backers! We are writing personalized thank you notes to all of you. Watch for yours to arrive soon in the mail. That's right, we write those old-fashioned personalized handwritten letters and use the good old USPS to send them to you!


Please consider sharing this page on social media with your friends and family. Sharing that you support our team is free and easy and spreads the word to others who can support our team!

News coverage!

February 18, 2019

We enjoyed some wonderful news coverage from KLTV today! Check it out:

There are two videos on the page - one was aired tonight on TV, other is a more informal "web extra" with all of us and the reporter.

Hangar dance fundraiser results!

February 14, 2019

We're thrilled that we had such a successful hangar dance on February 9. We raised $1024.35 at the event. We hope to make it an annual event since everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you to all those who supported our event including:

  • Alisha Sloan
  • Jerrod Williams
  • Jerry Williams
  • Trey Segura
  • Ron Franks
  • Jimmy Page
  • David Mussell

Here's a photo of our team (Erica, Cecilia, Claire, and Laura) all dressed up at the dance!

We're race number 9!

February 10, 2019

We're thrilled to announce that we were assigned one of the top 10 race numbers in the top 10 number drawing yesterday! We are now race number 9, which we will proudly display on our Cessna 172S Skyhawk during the race. This is a big competitive advantage for us, because it allows us to have much more choice in our departure order and take advantage of weather opportunities. 

Third team member!

January 29, 2019

We're excited to announce a third team pilot, Laura Laster! She will race with us and change seats so that all three of us get to fly the race together. This gives us a competitive advantage as we can fly more hours in a day if necessary. You can read more about Laura on the main page. 

Hangar Swing Dance!

January 25, 2019

We are hosting a swing dance in a great hangar at Rusk County Airport! The dance will feature a local swing dance instructor leading a lesson for the first 30 minutes of the dance followed by music and dancing for the rest of the evening. Tickets are $5 and available at the door or in advance on LETU campus at certain times (see the image for ticket sale times and locations). Everyone is invited!


All proceeds of the hangar dance will benefit our team. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our fundraising event!

Team is registered!

January 15, 2019

Our 2019 Air Race Classic team is officially registered! We may be tweaking the team members who race slightly and/or adding team members, but we're excited to share this news with our supporters. View the full list of registered teams here:

First fundraiser

November 28, 2018

Our first fundraiser, Faculty Fun Day, raised $247.39 for our team! Thank you to everyone who supported us through your donations and to our faculty for playing along and dressing up for our fundraiser!

Each participating faculty member had a jar, and if they collected $50 in donations in their jar over the month of November, they had to dress up on November 28. Our first fundraiser was a great success!

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It's a Rental!

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Good Night's Sleep

Pay for a night in a hotel along the race route! (0 available)


Nifty Numbers

Cover the cost of our racing numbers on the airplane! (0 available)


Practice Makes Perfect

Sponsor an hour of our flight time practicing before the race! (0 available)


Fill It Up!

Your donation will pay for the fuel to power our aircraft on one of the legs of the Air Race Classic. (0 available)


Canada, Eh?

Pay for documentation required for us to enter Canada including the customs decal, FCC radio license, and FCC radiotelephone operators permits. (0 available)


Fees, Fees, Fees

Help cover the LeTourneau University team's entry fee into the Air Race Classic Collegiate Division. (0 available)


Right On Course

Cover the cost of Canadian Jeppesen charts and Garmin navigational database so we can fly within Canada. (0 available)